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Monday, July 2, 2012

Lake Day!

The past few weekends we have gone up East Canyon to get out of the 90+ degree weather. Because it’s like, 1 degree cooler up there… Anyway, we go up to the lake, hang out in the relaxation station, and drink adult beverages. The first time we went up, Dalton was so excited to see our friends out in the lake that he jumped in the water, and swiftly realized that there was no ground underneath him. He swam great, but there was a look of confusion on his face that told me he did not intend to swim. This week he would only go in enough to cool off, and spent most of the day wandering and trying to find a nice shady spot to hang out in.
This last weekend, we finally remembered to bring up our camera! YAY! Here are some pictures of our little trip!

(Pease ignore my pasty skin, and weird hairdo. There are no mirrors at the lake, so how could I know it looked so funny?)
Thanks Jord and Ry for letting him ride up in a car with AC!

Contemplating whether or not to get in the water.....

Family portrait!

Yuki, Daltons girlfriend.

My favorite guy (besides Nate, that is)


  1. I never thought this day would come! Yay for the shave!
    Oh and Dalton is HUGE! Gunnar just started swimming also. He still wont go out for long periods of time but at least he gets in now!

    1. He is huge! People keep telling us he's growing, but we don't notice nearly as much. I wish that Dalton would jump in and swim!