Our mostly good dog

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The best ice cream in the world.

This is my story about how the heat wave ruined my life:
 It’s hot as hell out, all over the damn world. I am not much of a cold weather person; generally I say that if it’s going to snow pretty, fluffy snowflakes, they should be warm and snugly like a blanket or something. But right now, I could really go for some freezing rain, or snow or whatever, as long as it’s cold. All we have is a dinky swamp cooler, and it does basically nothing to cool our house. It will however humidify it, so it’s like were vacationing in Florida, except without the beach and old people.

 Anyway, lately when we take Dalton to the dog park on our non-daycare days, we bring a spray bottle or cold water, and soak him so he stays cool while running around. Except that none of the dogs are running around, they just hang out and sniff butts the whole time. Not that I blame them, they are covered in fur and run at a hotter temperature naturally than humans, so I wouldn’t necessarily want to do anything but chill out either.

Yesterday Dalton and I went to the park, hung out for 2 hours, and then came home (mostly because I was hungry.) Dalton ran a little at the park, but he didn’t get a good play sesh in, so he came ready to annoy us. We threw him (not literally, although I considered it) out on the porch, brought out our books and read some until it cooled off enough to walk him. We walked a couple blocks, avenues blocks, which was probably equivalent to 4 normal blocks, but it was enough to put a damper on his punk attitude. It helped, but I can’t stay up till 11pm every night to walk the dog. That’s way past my old lady bedtime.

I don’t know how I am going to survive. I am so used to our wonderful dog (due to daycare and dog park play time.) I can’t go back to our pre-daycare dog. Having Dalton tired from daycare/ the dog park is like tasting the best ice cream in the world, it’s so good, not too sweet, and all the flavors are perfectly balanced. Having Dalton not tired is the equivalent of being told you are lactose intolerant, and you get the runs every time you try to eat the delicious ice cream. Sure, you get the ice cream, but the aftermath is not what you want, it’s the opposite of what you want. Nobody wants the runs, ever.

And with that, I will end my story about how the heat wave ruined my life.

Happy Thursday Y'all!


  1. Have you tried exercising Dalton mentally? That's what we do with Jezza when it is too hot or raining all day. She is still learning commands so we teach her that or sometimes I will make a maze out of her playpen and make her figure out how to get her toy.

    1. We definitely do. We have two puzzles, and will play hide and seek. He's ten months now, so things that used to entertain him for 20 minutes, now only last 5. He's a nut case without some physical exercise every day. However when he does get wild and we can't get him out and about, we'll leash him to the porch so e can hang out outside. Sometimes just being out of the house is enough! :)

    2. What puzzles do you have? I want to get some for Jezza but really haven't seen any in my local dog store.

    3. We got them from Petsmart, but if you looked on Amazon, I bet you could find some online that are pretty reasonably priced. We are still working on pulling with Dalton, they recommend starting at about 6 months, at that age all you would really do is let them drag around a water bottle, or something small and light that will make a small amount of noise. Once they are comfortable with that, you can begin adding slightly more weight as they get older. There is a site I sometimes go to, it's called itsahuskything.com, they have tons of information! That's where I go when were unsure about something.