Our mostly good dog

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What do you call a cow jumping over a barbed wire fence? UTTER DESTRUCTION!

First of all, I apologize that I have not written or posted pictures in a while. As soon as I am home tomorrow, I will do what I can to get things rolling again.
Now, here's why I haven't written:

I have been house/dog sitting for just about 2 weeks. They are both lovely well behaved dogs, but one of them has severe separation anxiety. I have done everything possible to try to calm, and relax this dog, which is not a  small feat. He was walked several times a day, given bones, locked in an area of the house where he could do the least damage, he wore a thunder shirt constantly, I have been giving him beneadryl, and an herbal relaxing supplement. He's also been wearing a pheromone collar that is supposed to help with anxiety.

The first day or so, he was alright. His owner (the son of the people who own the home) had been gone a few days, and the rest of the family had just left, that was Thursday the 14 th. By Wednesday of the next week, he had escaped the enclosed area that he was to be kept in, and went into the office. This is what I found:

By Friday, he had yet again, gotten past the barriers and into the front room. While there, he decided the custom front door, made in Napa valley, would be a good snack. not to mention the rug in front of the door.This is what I found:

Generally he does fine as long as I am there, and will hang out and relax, but Saturday morning, I woke up to this:

This is the second time the garage door (above) has been ruined by this dog. I knew that he had anxiety, and that this would be a rough one for him since his poppa was gone for about 2 and a half weeks. However, I did not anticipate just how bad. 

There was another door, but for some reason the photo is MIA.

Thankfully, the homeowners are sweet, wonderful people, and knew what they might come home to. Looks like their son, will be doing a lot of repairs the next coming weeks! Wish me luck for the last 24 hours of house sitting!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I have decided that if you are going to have a husky, you should also have a skateboard. Nate has a few of them, and we use them to exercise Dalton at least once a week. Lately we’ve been using a skate without the wheels and trucks for Dalton to practice pulling. I will post pictures later, but Nate, as always came up with the idea. He glued an old rug to the bottom to minimize noise, put and eye bolt at the top for the string which we attach to his harness. Right now we have a small weight on the back to keep it from bouncing all over the place, and on a straighter path. Plus, if it helps tire him out a bit more, I won’t complain.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The best ice cream in the world.

This is my story about how the heat wave ruined my life:
 It’s hot as hell out, all over the damn world. I am not much of a cold weather person; generally I say that if it’s going to snow pretty, fluffy snowflakes, they should be warm and snugly like a blanket or something. But right now, I could really go for some freezing rain, or snow or whatever, as long as it’s cold. All we have is a dinky swamp cooler, and it does basically nothing to cool our house. It will however humidify it, so it’s like were vacationing in Florida, except without the beach and old people.

 Anyway, lately when we take Dalton to the dog park on our non-daycare days, we bring a spray bottle or cold water, and soak him so he stays cool while running around. Except that none of the dogs are running around, they just hang out and sniff butts the whole time. Not that I blame them, they are covered in fur and run at a hotter temperature naturally than humans, so I wouldn’t necessarily want to do anything but chill out either.

Yesterday Dalton and I went to the park, hung out for 2 hours, and then came home (mostly because I was hungry.) Dalton ran a little at the park, but he didn’t get a good play sesh in, so he came ready to annoy us. We threw him (not literally, although I considered it) out on the porch, brought out our books and read some until it cooled off enough to walk him. We walked a couple blocks, avenues blocks, which was probably equivalent to 4 normal blocks, but it was enough to put a damper on his punk attitude. It helped, but I can’t stay up till 11pm every night to walk the dog. That’s way past my old lady bedtime.

I don’t know how I am going to survive. I am so used to our wonderful dog (due to daycare and dog park play time.) I can’t go back to our pre-daycare dog. Having Dalton tired from daycare/ the dog park is like tasting the best ice cream in the world, it’s so good, not too sweet, and all the flavors are perfectly balanced. Having Dalton not tired is the equivalent of being told you are lactose intolerant, and you get the runs every time you try to eat the delicious ice cream. Sure, you get the ice cream, but the aftermath is not what you want, it’s the opposite of what you want. Nobody wants the runs, ever.

And with that, I will end my story about how the heat wave ruined my life.

Happy Thursday Y'all!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Shower Time

A few weeks ago, while Nate was out I figured I should probably get in the shower because I was smelly (that’s probably the reason Nate was gone…). I was sort of worried that Dalton would get into trouble while I was in there, so every couple minutes, I would call him and make him come get a scratch on the head. I figured, if I kept distracting him, he couldn’t screw shit up too bad. Anyway, he sort of became interested in the water, and where it was coming from. He would stick his face in the curtain, get splashed, and then remove his head again. He did this a few times when I would call him in, and at one point he ended up just sitting next to the tub with his face as far in the shower as his brontosaurus neck would allow.
 Turns out, I have created a monster. At first it was funny how curious he was about the magic waterfall, but now, within 5 minutes of being in the shower, here comes long neck, sticking his face in and biting at the water, and consequently anything under the water. Bad news bears. He also thinks it’s pretty cool to get into the tub after we’ve showered and lick the walls. Is licking mildew bad for dogs? I am going to assume it is, so it looks like we’ll be cleaning our tub and shower more often!

Yay! Magic Waterfall!

Mmmmmm Mildew and soap.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Lake Day!

The past few weekends we have gone up East Canyon to get out of the 90+ degree weather. Because it’s like, 1 degree cooler up there… Anyway, we go up to the lake, hang out in the relaxation station, and drink adult beverages. The first time we went up, Dalton was so excited to see our friends out in the lake that he jumped in the water, and swiftly realized that there was no ground underneath him. He swam great, but there was a look of confusion on his face that told me he did not intend to swim. This week he would only go in enough to cool off, and spent most of the day wandering and trying to find a nice shady spot to hang out in.
This last weekend, we finally remembered to bring up our camera! YAY! Here are some pictures of our little trip!

(Pease ignore my pasty skin, and weird hairdo. There are no mirrors at the lake, so how could I know it looked so funny?)
Thanks Jord and Ry for letting him ride up in a car with AC!

Contemplating whether or not to get in the water.....

Family portrait!

Yuki, Daltons girlfriend.

My favorite guy (besides Nate, that is)