Our mostly good dog

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Shower Time

A few weeks ago, while Nate was out I figured I should probably get in the shower because I was smelly (that’s probably the reason Nate was gone…). I was sort of worried that Dalton would get into trouble while I was in there, so every couple minutes, I would call him and make him come get a scratch on the head. I figured, if I kept distracting him, he couldn’t screw shit up too bad. Anyway, he sort of became interested in the water, and where it was coming from. He would stick his face in the curtain, get splashed, and then remove his head again. He did this a few times when I would call him in, and at one point he ended up just sitting next to the tub with his face as far in the shower as his brontosaurus neck would allow.
 Turns out, I have created a monster. At first it was funny how curious he was about the magic waterfall, but now, within 5 minutes of being in the shower, here comes long neck, sticking his face in and biting at the water, and consequently anything under the water. Bad news bears. He also thinks it’s pretty cool to get into the tub after we’ve showered and lick the walls. Is licking mildew bad for dogs? I am going to assume it is, so it looks like we’ll be cleaning our tub and shower more often!

Yay! Magic Waterfall!

Mmmmmm Mildew and soap.


  1. So funny! Our dog is terrified of the magic water! That is so annoying!

  2. I wish it wasn't so hilarious. I would scold him if I could stop laughing!