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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Flip Flop

Thus far, Dalton had been fabulously well behaved (since we’ve had him in daycare). We haven’t had anything completely destroyed, and we've been able to have a lot of trust in him.

At night we have been letting him have the run of the house since he’s been so good. We’ve left our remote out, (which is brave on our part, see 2 hours) shoes, jackets, and then there are the kitchen chairs, tables couches etc. All has gone un-touched.
Until last night.
Nate rarely wears flip flops, but we went up to the lake last Sunday, so they were sitting in the living room in what I like to call the “shoe pile”. Its where all the shoes we normally wear live once we get home. I walked out into the living room this morning, and Dalton had chewed up one of the flip flops. The weirdest part about it is that he had a reindeer antler, an esophagus and several toys just lying on the floor. He’s honestly never chewed shoes, so we didn’t think that it would be an issue.
This is what I found this morning.

No remorse.

Sorry, it's a bit hard to see

Notice all the toy options? Still thought the flip flop was a good snack.

Looks like we'll be putting our shoes away at night!

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