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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dalton's Brothers and Sisters.

I sometimes wonder where Dalton’s brothers and sisters are. Every time I see a husky around his age, I always ask the owner where they got their puppy. I have this small glimmer of hope that one day we’ll come across one of his siblings. Don’t ask me why I care, I couldn’t tell ya. But I just think it would be fun to watch him interact with one of his siblings.

I wonder if they would get along, if they would know that they were related, would they instantly connect, or would they have an aversion to each other? I think part of the reason I care is because I would like to know that all of his siblings ended up in great homes, with amazing owners. Especially his “twin” sister, when we went to meet D for the first time when he was 2 weeks old, him and his sis would always be snuggling together, in their own little corner of the box. The owners of his parents said they were best buds.

Utah, for being such a small world, is a big place. The likelihood of actually finding a sibling of his is small, but, I’ll keep living in my pink sky world dreaming of a family reunion!


  1. Utah may not be such a small world after all. Dalton's twin lives in Tremonton. Two live in Ogden, one lives in Syracuse, one lives in Salt Lake City, and the rest all found homes in the outskirts of the Salt Lake City area. We have kept track of them off and on. His sisters and brother are all doing wonderful. Only one of the orginal owners were unable to keep their girl (the wife ended up allergic) but their brother took her so they can still so visit and play together. From the life styles of the families your chances of running into his pure white sister is much higher than the rest. She is absolutely beautiful and I know that her owner Zac is a dog park lover also and they live in SLC (if your looking Zac will probably have his other husky with them). We could not have wished for better homes and owners for the pups. We are eternally greatful that Dalton and his siblings are happy and have great owners. Thank you so much for being the "spazz" that you are and that the two of you love Dalton as much as you do! BTW it takes a "spazz" to own a husky!

    1. Audra, that's so wonderful to hear! i can't tell you how happy it makes me to know that they all found wonderful, loving homes!