Our mostly good dog

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Attention. Pay attention. Pay attention to ME.

I am always surprised at the ways Dalton will try to get our attention. Yesterday I picked him up from daycare, started cooking, and he passed out in the middle of the kitchen floor. (Thanks buddy) When Nate arrived home, Dalton slowly got up, did his combination of a stretch/wooo/growl and went to get pets. When dinner was ready, and we sat down to eat, (on the couch, because were classy) and he immediately started scratching at the couch, wooing at us, and trying his darndest to get attention. Mind you, he did this all while lying down, because he was too tired to get up. Turns out resting our foot on him while we ate was all he needed.

A few days ago, I was folding laundry in our room, when Dalton sauntered in. Our bed is a platform bed (very low to the ground) so Dalton can easily get on it if he wanted to. Well, someone didn’t feel like I noticed his presence, so he plopped his dirty paws and fanny right on the edge of the bed, just to make sure I was paying attention. I wish there was a way I could illustrate to you how he does this. He thinks he’s very sneaky.

Then there is Saturday mornings. He’s figured out that we generally sleep in, and he’s pretty good about leaving us alone, but some mornings he decides that we are not allowed to sleep unless someone is touching him. First he will walk into the room, and I swear that he makes sure to click his nails extra loud on the hardwood, and woooooooo so we know he’s coming. Then, he will come to my side of the bed (ALWAYS) and lick whatever is not hidden under the covers. (sometimes this is a foot, hand, elbow, face, or on occasion, my rear end.) If I bury myself  in the blanket, he’ll usually go to Nate’s side and do the same. Eventually we learned to have him lay by the bed, scratch his head for a moment, and he’d usually be satisfied and doze off. Sometimes though, he’ll go back and forth between us till one of us gets up and heads into the living room. Then, as soon as we sit on the couch, he’ll fall asleep on the floor…… like a dick.


  1. Ugh! What an asshole. You should get rid of him...by giving him to me. :)

    1. You can borrow him any time, just bring him back tired!