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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I pitty the fool

Why is my dog hiding in shame and wearing a shirt you ask? Apparently, between last Wednesday and Friday he hurt himself. He’s pretty clumsy, and when at daycare has been known to go and go and go all day. I wouldn’t be surprised if he scratched himself on, well anything really. It’s like when your kid hits his head on everything, and you just laugh because it looks like you beat him, when really, your kid is a klutz. The cut is really pretty small, but it’s in an area that I couldn’t wrap up unless I wrapped around his whole belly. And knowing him, it would last all of 5 seconds before he ripped it off. So I threw a t-shirt on him instead so he couldn’t bother with it.
I know that it’s hard to see, but I would like you to notice what shirt he’s wearing. Since most of my shirts would have been too small, I had to steal
 One from Nate that was old, and rarely worn. I hope you can tell that it’s a Mr. T shirt, and I hope that you can see it says “I pity the fool”. I felt that it was appropriate given that Dalton absolutely HATES wearing it. He arches his back, and runs around the house like a mad man. If he wasn’t so annoying while he did it, I’d probably think its funny or cute or something.
We took him to the vet Monday, and they said that it is healing nicely, and to keep Neosporin on it, and use the shirt to keep him from bothering with it. Hopefully he will be all healed up by next week

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  1. Welp. If he's gonna be uncomfortable, at least he's doing it in style. Poor guy.