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Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Desert Dog Daycare is having a football pool! Football is really over my head, and if I have to I’ll watch it but I prefer to do just about anything else. (Unless it’s the Bengals, I love the Bengals! WOOOOO!) Anyway, Nate has been making picks every week, and last week he won the survivor pool! The staff at Desert Dog was amazing before, but as a prize Nate won a Bengals leash and collar. Not only that, but we received a wonderful bottle of wine, and a snack bag with delicious cheesy spread, crackers, dips, pretzels mustard and a salami we have yet to break into. It helps that one of the owners is an avid Bengals fan, and we happen to be the only other people that like that team, but we feel pretty spoiled!
I didn’t take a picture of the gift bag because I didn’t think about it, and it would be pointless to show you an empty bottle of wine, but I will be sure to get some pictures of D sporting his new leash and collar! Nate and I need to step up our game; Dalton has more Bengals gear than the two of us combined.
On another note, because it is a blustery, rainy day I leave you with this:
Rain sucks.

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  1. I hate football. Does that make me un-american? Oh. Wait...