Our mostly good dog

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Coming Home

Before we brought Dalton home, we spent a lot of time researching huskies, reading Cesar Milan books, and pouring over websites that had anything to do with huskies. We bought toys, a kennel, treats, food, and chew toys. We hid wires, closed up cupboards, and removed anything from the immediate area that was expensive and easily breakable. We offered to buy our neighbors (thankfully all of them dog owners) earplugs, which if you have crate trained a 7 week old puppy, you know they are mandatory.

Both Nate and I took a substantial amount of time off. I took two weeks, and he took a little over a month. We knew that huskies had a propensity to be stubborn, so we wanted to have plenty of time to work on potty training, sit, stay, down, as well as general manners. Everything we read told us it would take a week or so for our husky to learn sit, but it would take 6 months for them to do it consistently on our command.

When Nate called me around 9am that Wednesday, I was sitting at my desk. It was the day before Thanksgiving break, and it was fairly slow. I picked up and Nate said, something along the lines of “lksjdfosdi puppy aldkjfosidng pick him up today!” the first thing I did was run into my boss’s office and say “we can pick up the puppy! Can I go home!?” he thankfully is a badass, so he let me go. I drove home and we paced until about 11am, the guy we were getting the puppy from would be home at 11:30, so we were there at 11:15……

On the ride home, all Dalton did was cry. Nate was sitting in the back with him, trying his hardest not to coddle him and eat his cute little face. I was trying to drive while continuously looking in the rearview mirror at this adorable little nugget of fuzz.
When we arrived home, we went potty, and came inside. I don’t think he really did anything the rest of the day but sleep, pee, and eat, but we couldn’t have been happier.


  1. "Little nugget of fuzz"?? Adorbs!

    And "WE" went potty? Collectively? If you thought it would help with the potty training...I wouldn't put it past the two of you.

    1. You do what you have to do.... I'm just glad the neighbors were all at work so they didn't see me squat in the front yard...