Our mostly good dog

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Hello everyone! (All 5 of you that is)
The last couple days I have been obsessed with checking the website http://dog-shaming.com/. I find it highly amusing, and I like seeing the evidence that my dog is not the only naughty one out there. As I was browsing yesterday, I thought to myself “Man, I need to get one of Dalton up there. Too bad he’s been so good lately.” It was a non-daycare day, so when I got home, the first thing I did was put down my pile of stuff, grab the leash, and take Dalton outside to go potty. I am rarely coherent this soon after work, so I didn’t notice that anything was amiss.
What did I find when I came inside? Well, I found this:

This is the photo that I sent in to dog shaming. I walked in the door, and noticed that our rug was MIA, until I looked over by the kitchen. There was fluff and the rubber backing, and little particles of stuffing everywhere. It was actually sort of surprising. Generally Dalton isn’t destructive, and the things he has chewed have been either a strange texture (he favors rubbery things) or they’ve been left on the couch, because anything on the couch is apparently fair game.
Anyway, hopefully I don’t have the opportunity to submit many more photos to dog shaming. I have a feeling I will be a frequent visitor to the site though. You can’t tell me, as a dog owner (if you are one) that you don’t giggle a little when you scroll through. And if you didn’t giggle, perhaps you shouldn’t be such a weirdo cat person….


  1. Cute picture and funny (as long as it's not in my house) I don't know how I would feel if I came home to Benny doing this. You are more patient than me.

  2. Thankfully this is one of the worst transgressions. We could be doing much, much worse!

  3. Don't be shaming on my grandson.
    I will check out the website.